Shameel K. San Jose, CA

Shameel K. San Jose, CA

We had an old wooden flip garage door that we had to manually lock and unlock a padlock. Considering it was 2018, it was time to get a proper roller garage door with motor. I reached out to a number of local garage door companies to get quotes. First one to respond? Will’s Garage Door. First one to set a date & time to come out for a quote? Will’s Garage Door. After meeting with 3 different companies, the one I wanted to go with was Will’s Garage Door.

Even before we settled on the specifics of our new door, I sent Will at least 10 questions over a series of emails. He was not only prompt in his responses, but answered all of my questions, and did so politely (not just a 5 word text message like others). Once we set on a date & time, he was there and ready to go.

The installation? Man is he efficient! It was almost as if he was working on autopilot he knew exactly the parts he needed, and was on to the next step before he even put the tool down for the step he had completed. Yeah sure that’s his job, but still, it’s always appreciated when someone does their job efficiently. But don’t think that just because he was fast that he cut corners. He made sure everything was put together perfectly, and didn’t leave until I was completely satisfied.

The garage door looks fantastic, no dents/scratches/scuff marks, and it operates very smoothly.

When you have these one-time important purchases that you need a professional to do, it pays to go with the person/company you feel you can trust. Price may be one factor in your decision, but the honesty and quality of character is just as important to me. What made this decision very easy for me was that Will also quoted an excellent price for the door, motor and install.

Top quality, and I couldn’t encourage others more to go with Will. You definitely will be very happy with his service, his demeanor, and most importantly the end result.

Thanks Will!

Shameel K.

San Jose, CA